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PerMix Ribbon Mixers can come with a welded jacket around the mixing vessel for heating/cooling by steam, thermal oil, or water. We supply different types of jacket, such as shell in shell, dimple plate, and half-pipe coil. For heating jacket, insulation layer should be supplied to protect the people from being burnt, with riveted or welded wrapper. ASME/PED certified pressurized jackets are available with full set of documentation.
Industrial Ribbon Mixer
Horizontal Industrial Ribbon Mixer
Double Ribbon Mixer
Features and Options of PerMix PRB series Ribbon Mixers:
1. A full range of working capacity of the machine, from 30L pilot size to up to 20 cubic meters for large scale industrial uses.
2. High speed side chopper can be mounted to the Ribbon Mixers to remove lumps and agglomerates during the mixing process.
3. Jacket for heating and cooling
4. Big bomb bay door for fast and complete discharge
5. Liquid addition by spray balls, nozzles, or dripping pipes
6. Leading edges of the ribbons can be coated by Tungsten Carbide for very abrasive materials.
7. PerMix has designed a special feature for food application (salad mixing) with motorized tilting for discharge. The machine is built in full stainless steel for easy cleaning, and a top lid with counterweight for manual opening.
Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixer
Ribbon Mixer Manufacturer
Ribbon Mixer Suppliers
Specification Table
ModelTotal capacity
(liter)Useful capacity
(liter)Power (*)
(mm)Outlet (**)
1. (*) (**): Changes are available according to the customer鈥檚 request.
2. All specifications and illustrations are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.
3. PerMix reserves the right to modify the design without notice.
PerMix industrial mixers are widely used to serve a variety of industries such as food, beverage, confections, flavorings, seasonings, spices, mayonnaise, nutrition food, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, painting, ink, agriculture, biology, nano materials, paper, adhesive, plastic, waste treatment, building materials, etc.
Product Range
Among our wide product range, PerMix is not only able to offer the single industrial mixers with state-of-art manufacturing capability, lifetime reliability and modern appearance, but also to provide mixing and processing full-line to save your time, which is one of our strong points. With our engineers鈥?decades of experience in this area, PerMix is capable to supply the most suitable solution for any industry that has a demand for mixing & processing.Hot Products price
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