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Guangzhou Junye Packaging  Co., LTD. specialized in printing & packaging since 2001.Along with design, producing and sale service, it is a general tax payment enterprise. Keeping boutique paper packaging as main business,such as elegant paper box,paper bag,hang tag, it contribute to apparel, jewelry, electronics,leather goods, cosmetics, health products ,daily products and other industries.Its products passed TUV,BV,SGS and WCA.
Our advantage
1. Junye Packaging choose all best
material(including the carton),we passed a number of international certification such
as TUV/SGS/BV/WCA etc.
2.Junye packaging is one of the president of Guangdong printing and packaging
companies union ,has a strong ability to integrate resources.
3.Junye Packaging has a perfect tracking system of prodution process, by which
you could know your order status and product quality  at any time.
4.Junye Packaging is enthusiastic over charity, takes great contribution
to the development of many primary schools.which was recognition by “LIONS Clubs”.
Our certificate
Our brand customersfolding box board manufacturers
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