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Product introduction:
Our dentures are made of zirconia powder, including the most reliable all-ceramic prosthesis ever.
Implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space are harsh conditions. Many people use new crowns and want strong, beautiful restorations that look natural and do not break. It is more like a real tooth than a full-cast gold crown; more durable than a porcelain-metal prosthesis.
The crown has always been made of gold or porcelain. But gold doesn't look natural. Although porcelain is closer, it tends to break. A new outline zirconia restoration called BruxZir has a better, more natural effect. Its new coloring and translucent properties greatly enhance the beauty of the material.

Advantages include:
1 Strength, because zirconia is almost indestructible
2 Natural appearance
3 Strongly recommended for those who bite their teeth
4 Heat shock resistance
5 Complete color penetration throughout the repair process ensures greater shadow consistency
6 Perfect match with existing teeth
7 Smooth glaze reduces plaque accumulation and provides better hygiene
8 No metal base.
9 No allergies.

One drawback of these dentures is that they may cost a little more than traditional porcelain crowns. But they are more affordable alternatives to gold crowns.Bruxzir Dental manufacturers
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