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XH-TF-DF Tunnel construction fan
Product Introduction
DF type tunnel construction with the rotating axial fan is fly to Chongqing ventilation equipment co., LTD., the development and production of a new generation of energy-efficient to low noise axial auxiliary fan (using pneumatic design at home and abroad the most advanced twisted curved swept blades), the ventilator has a compact structure, low noise, high pressure, large flow, high efficiency, stable operation, easy maintenance, etc.In tunneling construction, energy consumption can be greatly reduced and energy saving can be achieved.In the process of tunnel construction, the use of local counter-rotating ventilators can reduce the number of ventilators and increase the ventilation distance by making use of its large flow and high air pressure, and its compact structure is convenient for transportation and installation in the construction.
The counter-rotating axial flow ventilator used in SDF tunnel construction can be manufactured into single-speed, double-speed, three-speed, variable frequency stepless speed regulation and explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof types according to the needs of users, so as to meet various construction conditions and energy saving and consumption reduction requirements of users.
The axial fans used in SDF tunnel construction can be made into compressive fans or extractive fans.
The axial fans used in SDF tunnel construction can be designed according to the requirements of users on environmental noise.
Leading applications and scope of application
It is mainly used for ventilation for tunneling in underground construction of highway, railway, electric power, subway and mine.
The basic conditions
The ventilator is generally installed horizontally, its normal service life is not less than 4a, and the normal and safe operation time before the first overhaul is not less than 12000h.
Transmission medium is air, dust content is not more than 10 mg/m3, medium temperature is 20 ~ + 45 ℃.The normal operating altitude of the ventilator is -1000 ~ +1000m (the ventilator suitable for various high-altitude environments can be produced according to the user's needs).
If there is no special requirement, the working voltage is 380/660v and 50HZ.It can also provide 220V/660V / 1140V working voltage and non-national standard voltage and frequency according to user requirements.
The foundation that installs ventilator should be firm, do not have drench water and poisonous and harmful all round reach explosive (extraction ventilator except) wait for dangerous gas.Fan inlet edge from the ground height or the distance from the wall should not be less than 0.3m.
It is mainly used for ventilation for tunneling in underground construction of highway, railway, electric power, subway and mine.
Number and specification
Structural features and working principles
The overall structure and its working principle, working characteristics
The fan consists of a collector, an intake silencer, a primary engine barrel, a primary and secondary housing, a secondary engine barrel, an outlet silencer, a duct joint, a motor and a primary and secondary impeller.The fan shell and structural parts are welded by steel plate, the inner tube is welded by porous plate, the inner lining is made of muffler material, the motor is placed in the air duct, the outer shell is the internal air duct, and the two-stage impeller rotates at the same speed.
The structure, function and working principle of major components or functional units
Fan compact structure, safe use, easy maintenance.The fan adopts autocratic motor, and the bearing adopts imported bearing, so the heat dissipation of the motor is good.
The first and second impellers of the ventilator are respectively driven by two non-flameproof or flameproof special motors of the same power and type, and the rotation directions of the two impellers are opposite to each other.Air flows into the class I impeller, gains energy, and is discharged through the class II impeller.The impeller of stage II is equipped with the function of the stator cascade in the common axial flow ventilator. It can not only straighten the velocity component in the circumferential direction of airflow, but also increase the airflow energy, so as to achieve the high efficiency and high wind pressure that cannot be achieved by the common axial flow ventilator.
It is mainly used for ventilation for tunneling in underground construction of highway, railway, electric power, subway and mine.
Product Parameter
XH-TF-DF tunnel fan
№ Rotate Speed
(r/min)Air Quantity
(m3/h)Air Pressure (pa)Effect (%)
4340~24101400~8180≥80Tunnel Fan price
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