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An encapsulated transformer has the core and coil surrounded by an epoxy resin this is locked into the enclosure, effectively sealing out moisture and contaminants from the core and coil.
The PCB mount transformer widely used in different electrical and electronic product. which easily mount on the printed circuit board.
We have designed and developed our manufacturing and delivery capabilities to supply reliable, cost effective transformer tailored to your specific requirements.
Including but not limited to:
Home automation
Entertainment systems
Smart meter/electricity meter/energy meter
Ei28 encapsulated transformer specially designed for electricity meter/power meter/energy meter.
Designed and manufactured according regulations EN61558 EN61000 UL1446
Vacuum Filling
Safety transformer class II
Inherently short circuit proof
Different output voltage available depend on customer's demand
Self-extinguishing plastic Isolation:
Prim./Sec. = 10 MOhm to 500 Vcc - Sec./Sec. = 2 MOhm to 500 Vcc
Dielectric strength Prim. / Sec. = 4.5kV / 1min.
Full testing of all electrical parameters during production
Reliability tests for production batch (life term)
Our Company  China Smart Meter Encapsulated Transformer
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