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Magnesium Hydroxide is a product and a raw materials for the factory. As the raw material, it can be used for producing Magnesium oxide. The superfine magnesium hydroxide is a significant raw material of nano magnesium oxide. As a product, magnesium hydroxide has a lot of uses and applications. Among the applications, Magnesium hydroxide being used in flame retardant and environment protect industries have a large consumption and a remarkable effects.
Technical Parameter
Mg(oh)2 content%99.599.599
Sieve residue(75渭m)
Size(D50) 渭m1.5-2.02.0-3.05.0-7.0
Lgnition loss313131
Acid-insoluble substance0.10.10.1
Hydrochloric Acid Insoluble Matter0.050.050.05
Thermal decomposition temperature340-490340-490340-490
With the growing demand for environmental protection, flame retardants are developing towards environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardants, which are efficient, inexpensive, halogen-free, and non-polluting. Magnesium hydroxide is considered to be the most promising and environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardant because of its advantages of good heat stability, non-volatilization, no toxic gas generation, no corrosion processing equipment, and obvious smoke elimination.
Our Experience
Our magnesium hydroxide has won a good reputation among this industry. So far, we have become the supplier of professional cable manufacturers, like LG Chem, Hengtong Group, Shangshang Group and so on. If you need to buy magnesium hydroxide, please don鈥檛 hesitate to contact us.
Warehouse in Zhengzhou city, China
Q1: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are manufacturer have over 10 years鈥?experience, this company build from our oversea sales department, we do hope to use our professional knowledge and warm service to help you save cost. And you are welcomed to visit our factory anytime.
Q2: Where is your main market?
A: Southeastern Asia such as Japan, Korea etc. Europe such as German, France etc. North America such as America, Canada etc. Middle East such as KSA, Oman etc.
Q3: Why use modified magnesium hydroxide?
A: Because of the hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of magnesium hydroxide, it has poor compatibility and poor dispersibility in polymer matrix materials and the mechanical properties of the products have been seriously affected. The modified magnesium hydroxide can better fuse with polymer materials. Not only can it achieve a good flame retardant effect, but also can not affect the physical properties of the material.
Q4: What should I do if I want to replace the current flame retardant?
A: Very appreciate for your trust. You can communicate the flame retardant spec. with our sales, and then we will offer you a cost-saving solution.
Q5: What鈥檚 the magnesium hydroxide flame retardant mechanism?
A: Magnesium hydroxide is decomposed by heat to release crystalline water while absorbing a large amount of heat from the combustion zone, thereby inhibiting the temperature rise of the polymer material, delaying its thermal decomposition and reducing the burning rate.
Q6: How do you ensure the quality of the product?
A: Top Chemical have a very complete quality management system, from the control of raw materials to the factory inspection of finished products. We regularly provide samples to third-party testing organizations for testing.
Q7: How long is your delivery time?
A: We have 8 fully automatic production lines and can guarantee around it鈥檒l use 15 days from the customer's order to delivery.Magnesium Hydroxide for sale
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