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Automatic bore welding system is designed for users who demand durability, ease of setup and precision without unnecessary complication.
It will provide you with a means of repairing worn bores on all types of equipment in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
PTW750 Bore welder machine is a compact blend of simplicity, performance, and reliability, capable enough to tackle aggressive field applications with ease. PTW750 interfaces directly with users existing MIG Wire feed systems, providing fill capability with burn back control for these functions, fully adjustable mechanical step, reversible weld direction, step lockout feature for face welding and optional remote pendant control.

Bore Weld System
鈼?nbsp;Standard Weld range:40mm-450mm
鈼?nbsp;Standard Weld stroke:280mm
鈼?nbsp;Standard wire size :0.8-1.0mm
鈼?nbsp;Welding Process:MIG (GMAW)
鈼?nbsp;Standard step size
鈼?nbsp;Long-duration welding
鈼?nbsp;Adjustable amperage welding
鈼?nbsp;Telescopic torch of continuous wire welding
Telescopic welding torch
ApplicationWelder Machine manufacturers
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