Instrumentation Engineering
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鈥?Our History
We are specialized in sheet metal fabrication & hardware processing with over 15 years experience, providing one stop fabrication service, the main business areas are: sheet metal parts, stamping parts, CNC punching & bending parts, welding parts.
鈥?Our Factory
Our factory is around 3,000 square meters and have over 50 employees - 80% machinists and 20% engineers/supervisors. We have advanced equipment including imported CNC, milling, grinding and W/C cutting machines. We also have rich knowledge of technologies and a management team with high quality and efficiency to ensure the precision and accuracy of products.
鈥?Our Product
Sheet metal parts, laser cutting parts, CNC punching/bending parts, welding parts, stamping parts.
鈥?Product Application
Medical equipment, electronic devices, enclosures, assembly parts, solar energy equipment, mechanism equipment, construction decoration, sport appliances, lights, toys, watches and auto industries, building, air industry, OEM/ODM Electronics etc.
鈥?Our Certificate
ISO 9002
鈥?Production Equipment
Laser cut Trumpf, CNC bending, welding machine, tapping machine, polish machine, 10P air compressor, 10T sheering.
鈥?Production Market
Exported to more than 30 countries, such as USA, Canada, German, Italy, Japan, Russia, Australia etc.
鈥?Our Service
7/24 consulting service available; sample proofing supported; professional engineers to follow up with customers and resolve problems whenever and wherever they occur.Discount Laser Cutting Parts
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