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Baihuide Technology Limited is a leading company which is specialized in developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing all kinds of voltmeter, ammeter, multimeter, USB  tester, DC to DC power converter module, etc. since 2014.
Baihuide Voltmeter& ammeter series products are widely used for cars, motorcycles, bikes, substation automation, distribution automation, test equipment, voltage regulator, autos, marine, aircrafts, test instruments, solar, wind, hydro power system etc. for current indications and monitoring electrical systems, etc.. And DC to DC converters are used for car embedded devices, motors, sound system, solar panel power system, navigation, fans, surveillance system, industrial power supply and so on.
As an top supplier in this industry, Baihuide keeps paying high attention to innovative products development, quality control, fast delivery and customer service, with more than 5 years quickly growing, we have provided completed current & voltage related solutions to customers more than 100 countries and have rich experience in cooperating with OEM/ODM customers worldwide.
With the excellent management team, professional engineers and technical stuff, skillful workers, rich projects experience and quick to know customers well & easy communication skills, we鈥檝e started to the new opportunity on one-stop PCB assembly business including BOM procurement(components purchasing), assembly, testing and logistics, besides current & voltage related solutions according to various customers鈥?requirement. We try our best to do everything to help customers to cost down to increase their market competitiveness without the compromising of quality.
Our goal is to save clients鈥?time and money by delivering the highest quality current&voltage related solutions as well as Assembly solutions to worldwide customers.
Baihuide wishes to establish a successful business relationship with you, and the most important is that we know how to be your long-term reliable partner on the basis of our Strict quality control, professional R&D, quick & efficient response and excellent customer service!cheap Dc Ammeter
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