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Using 100% food grade Polypropylene(PP) as material,the filter cartridge contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders; Each micron rate has its string pattern to ensure the filtration effect. The filter cartridge has a better dirt-holding capability than the general PP Sediment Melt Blown Filter Cartridge. Apply to liquid filtration in the fields of petroleum, chemical, electronic, electroplating, medicine and food production.
Is exporting its products to many countries and districts, such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle-east, South-east Asia, Korea, Japan, etc. We are keeping improving our work to provide the most suitable products, the lowest price, the safe and quick service for our customers.
ANDA FILTER expects to cooperate with every outstanding enterprise in the field of water purification to build a prosperous future.
(1) Low behind MOQ
(2) Provide free samples (return the freight later)
(3) Design packaging, logo and provide customized services for free
(4) Perfect inspection instruments and equipment for raw materials and finished products
(5) It has its own independent research and development department to make samples quickly
(6) 100% replenishment or refund for product quality defects.
(7) Sign confidentiality agreements with customers
(8) Timely synchronize the production process with customers
(9) Send poster drawings, hd product pictures and product video to customers
If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us to answer your questions!String Wound Filter Cartridge manufacturers
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