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Our History
Zhengzhou Yahua Cereals and Oils Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional palm oil making machinery manufacturer in China. Our Company is engaged in Research & Development, production and sale of palm oil machine, palm kernel oil machine, cpo palm oil refinery and Fractionation plant, crude palm oil refinery machine, complete palm oil pressing and refining production line, palm empty fruit bunch biomass engineering etc. The company focuses on palm oil projects, has in-depth research and exploration of palm oil projects, and has accumulated sufficient experience and innovative conditions in long-term construction services.
Our company's main services are: pre-project construction consulting services, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and post-production training and other technical services. but also sending technician to guide the equipment installation and commissioning on customers site. This service system solves customers' problem, shortens the project duration.
The company's engineering projects in Southeast Asia received high praise from customers. "Fine and efficient" is the overall evaluation of our customers.
Our Factory
Our factory Located in Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Heshuo Ave, Wuzhi County, Henan Province. our factory has an excellent design team and fully adopts intelligent 3D design, which greatly reduced the defects and errors in the design. Our factory has a team of workers with many years of production and processing experience, in accordance with the international ISO9001 standardized production and international non-standard production. At the same time we have experienced overseas installation and commissioning team, has accumulated rich experience and the ability to solve the problem.
We have a professional delivery department. After the completion of equipment, the delivery department is responsible for the packing and delivery the goods to the port or designated place as required by our clients. In the process of delivery, the packing, labeling and packing list of goods should be completed, which is conducive to the on-site count and installation of goods and prevent the lost and damage of goods.
A. 1 warehouse workshop in the waiting area
B. 1 maching and cutting workshop.
C. 1 precision matching and cutting workshop
D. 2 welding workshops
E. 1 pressure vessel production workshop
Factory is equipped with living area, office area and leisure sports area.
Our Product
Palm oil processing plant, palm oil processing machine, palm oil refinery plant, palm kernel oil making machine, palm kernel oil refinery plant, Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass Engineering, EFB Organic Fertilizer Production Line, EFB Biomass Power Generation Project, palm fruits press machine, Ripple Mill, palm kernel press machine, Sludge Centrifuge, Circular Vibratory Screen, dig ester, leaf filter.
Product Application
It is widely used in diet, food manufacturing and processing worldwide, and another 10% of palm oil is mainly used in the production of soap and oleochemical products.
Such as milky foods, powdered foods or convenience foods, Chocolate, Coffee creamers, Margarine, Baked goods like bread, cookies and muffins, toothpaste, soap and cosmetics and biodiesel fuel, etc
Production Equipment
Cutting machine, Bending machine, welding machine
Production Market
Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Thailand, Columbia Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia, Western Africa etc.
Our Service
Pre-project construction consulting services, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and post-production training and other technical services.Small Palm Oil Mill Plant price
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