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Agricultural Rubber Tracks
Rubber Track Size锛?50x 90 x 54锝?0
Category: Agricultural Rubber Tracks
Product Warranty锛? Month Full Replacement
Track Pattern: K
Width (mm): 450mm
Pitch (mm): 90mm
Links: 54锝?0
Agricultural rubber tracks provide stability, traction, agility and flotation for combine-harvesters. Suitable for complex road conditions such as marshes, river flats, paddy fields, tropical rain forests.
Smoother operation and reduced vibration. Premium natural and synthetic rubber combinations for flexibility and wear resistance. Continuous steel belt to reduce the chance of breakage and declining tension.
Available Machines:
Rubber Track Features
1.High speed
2.Operating noise reduction
3.Small vibration
4.High traction
5.Protection of road surface
6.Low grounding pressure
7.Light weight
8.Small wear on machine chassis
9.Joint-free rubber track, increase working life
10.No-marking rubber track, ground free from pollution
11.Steel track and tire replacement
12.Good Quality recognized by the marketAgricultural Rubber Tracks Made in China
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