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Product description
die cutter machine according to the different forms of embossing, mainly divided into three types of  rotary die cut machine, flat bed die cut machine, flat platen die cut machine.
Rotary die cutting machine carton box is characterized by line contact, die cutting pressure, high production efficiency, and offset printing machine, flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine and other printing equipment can be connected to the line die cutting, so the scope of application is relatively wide.
ItemRotary die cutting machine
Max speed220s/min180s/min160s/min140s/min
Max feeding size1000*2000mm1270*2600mm1500*3000mm1660*3200mm
Min feeding size260*650mm320*750mm350*750mm400*750mm
Skip feeding1250*2200mm1500*2600mm1800*3000mm2000*3200mm
Print area950*2000mm1200*2400mm1430*2800mm1600*3000mm
Print thickness7.2mm(include plate mattress)
Max slotting depth250mm320mm390mm430mm
Min slot gap(nomal)150*150*150*150mm
Min slot gap(reverse)250*50*250*50mm250*110*250*110mm
Print accuracy≤±0.35mm≤±0.4mm≤±0.5mm
Cardboard thickness2.5 - 9mm2.5 - 12mm
Whole set machine feature
1)The die cutter machine designed and produced based on high quality, high speed, high efficiency, reliability and safety, with quick changing order and easy operation
2) Adapting imported PLC with touch screen control. It can save order, and accelerate speed of changing order.
3)high quality corrugated carton box die cutter machine adopt high quality material and assembly part, all cylinders and rollers are chrome plated for ideal hardness
4)Transmission gears from precision grinded alloy steel and with spraying type circulating lubrication system.
5)Use expansion sets tight link to reduce abrasion of the shaft, keep high precision of machine for long year.
6)Each unit of die cutter machine equipped with emergency stop switch to ensure safety operation
7)Self-locking clearance adjustment device, easy to operation
8)Electric element, bearing, and pneumatic element all use international famous brand
Finished Products
Finished Carton box
1)Inside packaging could be iron frame:it is more firm to avoid shake and damage.
2)Outside packaging could be wooden case: the wooden case is of soft texture could reduce damage from impact
Company Information
Our TeamPrinting Slotting Die Cutting Machine manufacturers
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