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Vibration Friction Welding Machine
Model No.NK-40
WeightAPPX 3520kg
Power SupplyAC220V
Air Pressure0.4-0.7MPa
Diameter of main air tube10mm
Product Feature
1. High rigid machine structure and integral cover with sound-proof device can effectively inhibit shaking or noise during welding processing.
2. Precision linear slide rail processing mould, reduce the production mismatch, achieve acceptance requirement.
3. This Vibration Friction Welding Machine is a complete assembly system designed to weld parts up to 1500*700 mm, or multiple smaller parts with track type friction welding, it can weld anywhere of rounded products.
Product Introduction
1. Maximum welding area is 1500*700mm, can weld irregular and complicated thermostatic work piece. Equipped with digital vibration frequency conversion power source, automatic resonance and frequency automatic tracking and adjusting.
2. Good welding strength, widely used in automotive industry, plastic product, household appliance, office automatic parts etc.
Equipment Advantage:
1. Used PLC and Japan imported brand SMC for cylinder.
2. Used Swiss imported system for ultrasonic system and use Japanese imported A-ZBIL brand for temperature controller and temperature block, which is stable and high-efficiency.
2. Equipment operation is simple and safe, one person can operate it.
3. Welding parameters can be set in man-machine interface and parametric adjustment, which is stable and high-efficiency.
4. Solder joint is full without excessive glue and wire drawing, the single point drawing force is greater than 20KG.Vibration Friction Welding Machine manufacturers
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