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Popular Tiles for Tennis Playing
Tile Size: 250*250*13mm
Material: Environmentally friendly modified PP
Warranty: Over 10 years
Texture: Half Soft/Hard
Application: Schools, Kindergarten, Tennis, Volleyball, Meeting Hall
Environmentally friendly modified PP material, 100% recycled, no pollution
Special surface treatment, anti-vibration and noise reduction. Not reflective or glare
The encrypted suspension support system provides good stability and cushioning effect.
Passed the international environmental protection SGS certification and EU EN14877 certification.
Do enough protection to allow athletes to reach their full potential. Every function meets your needs, and every detail makes you enchanted.
Product Features:
1. New texture design strengthens the anti-skid coefficient and increases sports safety
2. Automatic drainage without breeding bacteria
3. Simple Maintenance. Just wash with water
Variety of colors to meet every of your requirement
Authoritative testing, safe and secure use
Authoritative certification, strength brand, health products.
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ProjectsChina Suspended Interlocking Tile
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