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With our oval wood planters you optimize your planting options. These planters work well with tall plants, flowering plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees. Use in yards to create interesting landscapes, on patios to create privacy, or at entrance ways to create an inviting vibe.
A timeless addition to any space by gardening enthusiasts and home decorators alike, planters have remained a classic decor piece. With their multi-functional appeal, planters can also double as containers while also storing live or synthetic plants. This oval wood planter must be used with a plastic liner if used with a live plant and water.
1. Do you have other style of plant pots?
This web only shows a little of our products. If you need more info about our products, please communicate with us.
2. Do you have any certificate of your products?
Yes. If you need any paper proof please contact us.
3. The guidelines of importing goods of our state are very stringent. Will the quality of your products be able to pass the standards?
Our clients are all over the world , contact us for what you need. We'll try our best to satisfied you.
4. Could you say something about your strength?
As a part of industrial production, workmanship and quality would be more important. It will directly impact sales performance of our clients.
5. How to Keep Birds From Digging Up the Flower Pots on My Deck?
Stand toothpicks upright in the soil. The pointed ends make birds less likely to land and peck at the soil. Cover the top of the flower pots with a wire mesh, such as chicken wire, that allows access to sunlight and rain but prevents the birds from being able to reach the soil. Apply a bird repellent to the pot.
6. Seriously Creative Ways to Spruce Up a Flower Pot
Decoupage a Design, Paint and Tie on Twine, Paint With Chalk Paint, Stamp on a Label, Knit a Cover, Stack 'Em Up, Stencil on a Pattern and so on.
7. How to place your nest box?
-Nest boxes can be mounted higher than when mounted on a fence post.
-Some predators find poles difficult to climb.
-Poles can be easily equipped with predator guards.
-Get construction plans for building predator guards.China Wood Planter
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